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Favorable or Unfavorable #344: Thomas Gore


Favorable or Unfavorable #344: Thomas Gore  

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Thomas Gore (OK-D) is probably more famous as the grandfather and namesake of Gore Vidal, a historical novelist who is also one of the most interesting commentators on US policy. He talks a lot about his grandfather. Because Thomas Gore was blind, Gore Vidal acted as his page during Gore's 2nd stint in the US Sen. I highly recommend listening to youtube videos of Gore talking about FDR, JFK, RFK especially. He has an entertaining way of telling stories, even if he is prone to exagerration ("My grandfather invented the state of Oklahoma"). 

His actions:

Gore, Thomas 1900 Leaves the Populist Party by now for Dems to totally support WJ Bryan
Gore, Thomas 1907 Role in creating the state of OK
Gore, Thomas 1907 A 1st US Sen for OK; 1st totally blind US Senator
Gore, Thomas 1912 Backs Wilson over Clark for Dem Nom
Gore, Thomas 1913 Influential Senate Agriculture Committee Chair. Serves through WWI
Gore, Thomas 1914 Faces sexual assault allegation, but the court sides with him
Gore, Thomas 1916 Gore Resolution to warn people off merchant ships
Gore, Thomas 1917 Opposes US entry into WWI, mostly because of the draft
Gore, Thomas 1920 Defeated for reelection b/c opposed the war and opposes League of Nations
Gore, Thomas 1930 Returns to US Sen as Hoover and GOP suffer midturn defeat
Gore, Thomas 1935 Opposes funding for the WPA, and often opposes the New Deal
Gore, Thomas 1936 Loses reelection, mostly because of New Deal opposition
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Opposition to New Deal turns me against him. The only thing I think I like about him in his actions is that he opposed the mlitary draft. No nation should be forcing 18-year-olds to get themselves killed without their consent. 

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