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Favorable or Unfavorable #345: Arthur P Gorman


Favorable or Unfavorable #345: Arthur P Gorman  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #345: Arthur P Gorman

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AP Gorman (MD-D) first was known as a professional baseball player for the Washington Nationals. He went into politics upon retirement and became a prominent Bourbon Democrat, a sort of rebranding of the Democratic Party, in which it attempted to move beyond the Civil War and focus on limited government, free trade, and just anything to defeat the GOP. It opposed populism. Gorman, unfortunately, shares the overt racism of Southern Democrats of his time. Many Democrats c. 1900 in MD were hoping to form a coalition with Black Republicans in the state as the GOP was mostly ignoring Blacks by now, but Gorman strongly opposed any black influence in US politics. 

A statement on just about all Bourbon Democrats. While most Bourbon Democrat didn't focus on race, almost 100% of them opposed doing anything specifically aimed at helping blacks. For political reasons, they often specifically worked at empowering Southern Whites at the disadvantage of Southern Blacks. This was mainly to keep more Democrats from becoming populists. 

His actions: 

Gorman, Arthur P. 1880 Fmr professional baseball player becomes US Sen; a lead Bourbon Democrat
Gorman, Arthur P. 1881 head of MD Dem state organization
Gorman, Arthur P. 1884 Campaign manager for Cleveland's nomination for pres, while also leading DNC
Gorman, Arthur P. 1888 voices admin tariff policy at convention
Gorman, Arthur P. 1889 Opposes political influence for blacks, stating that the nation is for whites and rules by whites
Gorman, Arthur P. 1890 Senate Democratic Caucus Chairman
Gorman, Arthur P. 1890 bargains with GOP on tariff
Gorman, Arthur P. 1892 Dem Pres Cand
Gorman, Arthur P. 1893 promotes silver compromise
Gorman, Arthur P. 1893 Wilson-Gorman Tariff; opposes the old Wilson version and then adapted it
Gorman, Arthur P. 1897 remains a powerful figure in Congress
Gorman, Arthur P. 1899 leads opposition to Spanish treaty
Gorman, Arthur P. 1903 Senate Democratic Caucus Chairman
Gorman, Arthur P. 1903 high-tariff Democrat leader
Gorman, Arthur P. 1903 opposes Panama treaty
Gorman, Arthur P. 1904 Role in an attempt to disenfranchise blacks in MD but bill rejected by Gov Warfield
Gorman, Arthur P. 1904 Dem pres Cand
Gorman, Arthur P. 1904 tries to wean Dems away from Bryanism
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