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Favorable or Unfavorable #347: Lindsey Graham


Favorable or Unfavorable #347: Lindsey Graham  

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Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC-R) is one of the most active senators in US history, possibly because he's never been married and has never had kids. He's sort of ideologically all over the place. He's got both neocon and populists strains, although he was a strong opponent of populism prior to Trump, often attacking the Tea Party. 

I have to confess that I find him to be one of the more interesting debaters, even though I don't agree with him. He was a big reason I'd watch the undercard debates in the 2016 GOP primary. 

There have been a few male sex workers who have come in to claim that Graham uses their services, but these allegations never seem to last very long.  The funniest one was the guy that said that Graham sounded like Mickey Mouse when having sex. 

His actions:

Graham, Lindsey 1997 Leads failed coup against Gingrich speakership
Graham, Lindsey 1998 Only GOP on judicial comm to vote against an article of impeachment for Clinton
Graham, Lindsey 1998 A house impeachment manager during Clinton impeachment
Graham, Lindsey 2000 Supports friend John McCain over Bush in GOP primary
Graham, Lindsey 2002 A leading proponent of the Iraq War Resolution
Graham, Lindsey 2008 co-chairs McCain campaign for pres
Graham, Lindsey 2009 Only Republican on Judicial committee to support Sotomayor
Graham, Lindsey 2010 Opposes arms reduction treaty w/ Russia
Graham, Lindsey 2010 Calls for pre-emptive strike on Iran to weaken their regime
Graham, Lindsey 2012 A leader in bipartisan effort for immigration reform
Graham, Lindsey 2013 Accuses Sec of State Clinton of "getting away w/ murder" on Benghazi
Graham, Lindsey 2016 GOP cand for pres; endorses Jeb Bush after dropping out
Graham, Lindsey 2016 Opposes Trump's nomination; votes McMullin during Election
Graham, Lindsey 2017 His Graham-Cassidy bill to repeal Obamacare fails
Graham, Lindsey 2018 Reverses course on Trump support, to become one of his closest allies and defenders.
Graham, Lindsey 2018 Passionate defense of Kavanaugh amid judge's sexual assault accusations
Graham, Lindsey 2019 Influential Senate Judiciary Committee Chair. Served during Peak of COVID and during Jan 6th Insurrection. And 1st and 2nd Trump impeachments
Graham, Lindsey 2019 Passionate opposition of the impeachment inquiry
Graham, Lindsey 2019 One of 7 GOP to block Trump's Saudi Arms deal
Graham, Lindsey 2019 Single-handedly blocked Mueller Report going public despite unanimous House vote
Graham, Lindsey 2019 Calls for military invasion of Venezuela to overthrow Maduro
Graham, Lindsey 2021 Votes against Jan 6th investigation into insurrection, despite "hating" the insurrection
Graham, Lindsey 2021 Strongly opposes US withdrawing from Afghanistan
Graham, Lindsey 2022 Suggests that someone should assassinate Putin amid Russian invasion of Ukraine
Graham, Lindsey 2022 Opposes Fed gov opposing or supporting Gay Marriage, despite previous support of a federal ban; now says state issue
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I like Lindsey on policy. The Trump era has tainted him, and I despise his attempts to appeal to MAGA. They clearly hate him despite whatever he does to suck up to Donald. He's also one of the most consistent votes for Democratic lower court nominees. 😛 Going with favorable but he isn't the Lindsey I loved of the pre-trump days. 

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