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Favorable or Unfavorable #350: Francis Granger


Favorable or Unfavorable #350: Francis Granger  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #350: Francis Granger

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Francis Granger (NY-W) was of the moderate or conservative faction of Whigs. As such, he was against the Seward wing of NY Whigs who were strongly abolitionist. He was more in line with Fillmore. 

His 1st action is kind of odd. You had like 4 Whigs running for president in the general election + a lot of Dems who refused to vote for Van Buren's VP nominee, Richard Mentor Johnson, because Johnson lived with one of his female slaves as if she were his wife, and he considered their children to be his legitimate children. As such, no VP got enough EVs in the election, so it went to the US Senate, who decided for Johnson. 

Granger is arguably the last Whig. 

His actions:

Granger, Francis 1836 A Whig VP nominee for a couple of Whigs nominees; disputed VP election goes to the Senate w/ Dem RM Johnson winning
Granger, Francis 1840 Considered as VP poss. for Harrison as he had been w/ Harrison in 1836
Granger, Francis 1841 Appointed PM Gen for Harrison
Granger, Francis 1841 Resigns w/ most of Tyler's cabinet in protest to Tyler's anti-Whig swerve
Granger, Francis 1856 Final chairman of the Whig Party, more or less dissolves the party as they can't field a candidate
Granger, Francis 1860 Supports the Const Union Party
Granger, Francis 1861 Member of Peace Convention in failed attempt to prevent CW
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