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Favorable or Unfavorable #351: Jennifer Granholm


Favorable or Unfavorable #351: Jennifer Granholm  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #351: Jennifer Granholm

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Jennifer Granholm (MI-D) is a Canadian-born US politician. I'm wondering if she's been considered for cabinet spots the most out of anyone in the 21st century. She has few actions outside of being on presidential shortlists. 

Her actions:

Granholm, Jennifer 2003 Takes office as 1st woman Gov of MI
Granholm, Jennifer 2009 Considered for the SC and as Sec of Energy by Obama
Granholm, Jennifer 2010 Considered for the SC and for Sec of Energy again by Obama
Granholm, Jennifer 2012 Considered for one of four cabinet positions by Obama (Energy, Transp, Labor, and Att Gen)
Granholm, Jennifer 2013 Shocks some by declining to run for US Sen
Granholm, Jennifer 2014 Considered for Att Gen by Obama
Granholm, Jennifer 2016 Early and major surrogate for Clinton in pres election; cabinet spot was expected if Clinton won
Granholm, Jennifer 2021 Confirmed Sec of Energy for Biden
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