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Favorable or Unfavorable #353: Chuck Grassley


Favorable or Unfavorable #353: Chuck Grassley  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #353: Chuck Grassley

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Chuck Grassley (IA-R), while definitely conservative, has a lot of actions, partially because he occasionally votes against his party. It also helps that he's served forever. 

His actions:

Grassley, Chuck 1983 Votes against MLK Day Holiday
Grassley, Chuck 1987 Criticizes Reagan's SC nominees, including Anthony Kennedy
Grassley, Chuck 1989 Opposes bill to outlaw flag burning
Grassley, Chuck 1991 Voted against Iraq War resolution, one of only two GOP Sens to do so
Grassley, Chuck 2003 Influential Senate Finance Committee Chair. Served during Bush tax cuts (including briefly in 2001 as well when the first tax cuts occurred)
Grassley, Chuck 2009 Calls for Constitutional Amendment to outlaw flagburning
Grassley, Chuck 2009 Votes against Obamacare, but mainly only because of the mandate, otherwise receptive
Grassley, Chuck 2010 Votes against New START Treaty w/ Russia
Grassley, Chuck 2016 Agrees that Russia may have interference in Pres election but states the US does the same thing overseas
Grassley, Chuck 2018 Plays vital role in getting bipartisan criminal justice bill passed
Grassley, Chuck 2019 Rare GOPer to join Democrats and support whistleblower in Trump-Ukraine scandal
Grassley, Chuck 2021 Criticized Trump's poor leadership amid Jan 6th insurrection but opposes impeachment
Grassley, Chuck 2022 States he supports gay marriage despite voting against Respect for Marriage Act
Grassley, Chuck 2023 Becomes longest serving GOP US Sen in history
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