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Favorable or Unfavorable #355: Horace Gray


Favorable or Unfavorable #355: Horace Gray  

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SC Justice Horace Gray of MA was typically one of the most respected justices, but his legacy is greatly tarnished by his 1896 action. 

I'm posting this one late tonight because I won't be able to post one in the morning. 

His actions:

Gray, Horace 1882 Confirmed to SC for Arthur
Gray, Horace 1884 wrote majority opinion in last of cases upholding that US had right to issue paper currency (Julliard v Greenman)
Gray, Horace 1892 Writes maj opinion developing exception to hearsay rule, which impacts future evidence in trials (Mutual Life Insurance case)
Gray, Horace 1896 Upheld segregation in notorious 7-1 Plessy v Ferguson
Gray, Horace 1898 Writes major birthright citizenship opinion in US v Wong Kim Ark
Gray, Horace 1902 Dies in office; he had announced he was retiring soon a few months previous.
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