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Favorable or Unfavorable #356: Horace Greeley


Favorable or Unfavorable #356: Horace Greeley  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #356: Horace Greeley

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Horace Greeley of NY is best known for being the 1872 Lib Rep candidate, but he was best known during his day as arguably the leading newspaper publisher in America. He was basically a household name. Politically, he was kind of a loose cannon. He would fluctuate between extreme radicalism and extreme moderation with little warning.

He had a neckbeard. 

His actions:

Greeley, Horace 1840 Uses media prowess to help get Harrison elected president
Greeley, Horace 1841 Founds the historically famous NY Tribune
Greeley, Horace 1844 Major endorser for Clay for pres
Greeley, Horace 1848 Reluctantly supports Taylor over the more ideologically similar Free Soil ticket
Greeley, Horace 1849 Proposes a Homestead Act
Greeley, Horace 1852 Backs Scott for pres but bashes the Whig Platform in the press, undermining his party's campaign
Greeley, Horace 1854 Helps found the GOP
Greeley, Horace 1854 Major player in filling KS w/ abolitionists following KS-NE Act
Greeley, Horace 1860 Supports Bates for GOP pres
Greeley, Horace 1864 Reluctantly supports Lincoln for pres, prefering someone closer to Radical Republicans
Greeley, Horace 1865 Gives his famous "Go West, Young Man" Phrase, which captures the drive to move west for cheap land
Greeley, Horace 1868 Backs Johnson impeachment, despite having initially liked Johnson as president
Greeley, Horace 1872 Leaves GOP for Lib Reps over Grant admin corruption
Greeley, Horace 1872 Lib Rep Nom for Pres (endorsed by disorganized Democrats)
Greeley, Horace 1872 Dies soon after election day and before EVs are counted, causing many faithless electors
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