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100 Greatest African-Americans Round 1 part 2


100 Greatest African-Americans Round 1 part 2  

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  1. 1. Chishlom vs. Clark

    • Shirley Chishlom
    • Kenneth B. Clark
  2. 2. Clarke vs. Coltrane

    • John Henrik Clark
    • John Coltrane
  3. 3. Cosby vs. Crummell

    • Bill Cosby
    • Alexander Crummell
  4. 4. Cullen vs. Davis, Jr.

    • Countee Cullen
    • Benjamin O. Davis Jr.
  5. 5. Delany vs. Douglass

    • Martin R. Delany
    • Frederick Douglass
  6. 6. Drew vs. Du Bois

    • Charles Drew
    • W. E. B. Du Bois
  7. 7. Dunbar vs. Dunham

    • Paul Laurence Dunbar
    • Katherine Dunham
  8. 8. Ellington vs. Forten

    • Duke Ellington
    • James Forten
  9. 9. Franklin vs. Garnet

    • John Hope Franklin
    • Henry Highland Garnet
  10. 10. Garvey vs. Hall

    • Marcus Garvey
    • Prince Hall

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1 minute ago, Patine said:

You might want to reconsider Marcus Garvey. He was born in Jamaica, the movements he started were largely aimed at and for Jamaicans and other Anglo-Caribbeans, he only resided in the United States during exile, and he fully viewed it as such. Though he dealt with Du Bois and such, they did have many differences, and their national, "constituents," if you will, were a big part of it. Marcus Garvey is a national hero of JAMAICA, he is NOT a great African-AMERICAN. Can these lists and others like them, previous, stop putting people with tenuous links and residence of convenience to the United States who are, in fact, historical icons of other countries, as being shamelessly poached as, "Great Americans?"

I didn't make the list.


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