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Favorable or Unfavorable #357: Edith Green


Favorable or Unfavorable #357: Edith Green  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #357: Edith Green

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Edith Green (OR-D) is considered by many to be the most influential woman to have ever served in Congress. 

Her actions;

Green, Edith 1955 Rare woman US Rep proposes Equal Pay Act
Green, Edith 1956 Introduces Library Services Act to fund libraries for rural areas
Green, Edith 1956 Seconds Stevenson's nomination at Dem Conv
Green, Edith 1958 Role in National Defense Education Act
Green, Edith 1960 Seconds JFK's nomination at Dem Conv
Green, Edith 1961 comes to oppose JFK admin's delinquency program
Green, Edith 1963 wants action on antipoverty
Green, Edith 1964 strikes planning requirement from antipoverty bill
Green, Edith 1964 Reluctantly lets a person's sex to go unprotected in the Civil Rights Act; the sacrifice allowed the bill to successfully pass Congress
Green, Edith 1965 Introduces Higher Education Act
Green, Edith 1967 amdt to let local govts run poverty programs
Green, Edith 1968 Backs RFK for president
Green, Edith 1972 Big role in getting Equal Opportunity in Education Act
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