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Favorable or Unfavorable #364: Joseph Guffey


Favorable or Unfavorable #364: Joseph Guffey  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #364: Joseph Guffey

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Joseph Guffey (PA-D) became PA Dem's party boss before he was ever elected to an office. Despite being a party boss, he was actually much more progressive than the establishment, being a hardcore suppporter of VP Henry A Wallace. He was often accused of blind loyalty to FDR and was one of the first to support an FDR 4th term.

I assume he was strongly suppportive of FDR's attempt to make the Democrats the permanent liberal major party. FDR sets this in motion with not only the New Deal but with the so-called purging of Conservatives from the party. Strangely, FDR's leadership was such that those that were targets of purges never left the party or threatened to run 3rd party. FDR's dream of an all-liberal Democratic Party didn't come to fruition until the mid-to-late 1990s.

His actions:

Guffey, Joseph 1920 Becomes something of the Democratic party boss in PA
Guffey, Joseph 1935 Guffey-Snyder Coal Act
Guffey, Joseph 1937 Guffey-Vinson Act regarding coal industry
Guffey, Joseph 1944 Major supporter for an FDR 4th term
Guffey, Joseph 1944 forms org to help Wallace VP reelection candidacy
Guffey, Joseph 1944 backs federalized soldier voting
Guffey, Joseph 1945 opposes State Dept nominees as too pro-Wall St
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