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Favorable or Unfavorable #366: William M Gwin


Favorable or Unfavorable #366: William M Gwin  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #366: William M Gwin

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Sen. William M Gwin (CA-D) was, along with John C Fremont, one of the 1st US Senator's of CA. He was previously a US Rep for MS, and sort of ended up being the main slaveocracy influence on the West Coast. 

Let me explain some of hsi actions. In 1860, he certainly opposed a Lincoln-led Union and not wanting to be part of the Federal Government, advocated that the West Coast secede. The on-coming Civil War made him completely unelectable in CA for reelection to the US Senate, so he headed back East, obviously intending not to stay in the Union. He was arrested by General Sumner who happened to be on the same ship as Gwin. Who knows if they conversed and Sumner got suspicious. Lincoln released Gwin the second he heard of the arrest. As soon as he is released, Gwin returns to MS, where he had kept a plantation of enslaved people while serving in CA, which was a Free State. 

His actions:

Gwin, William M. 1850 Fmr US Rep of MS becomes a 1st US Sen of CA
Gwin, William M. 1852 presses Pacific railroad bill
Gwin, William M. 1860 Advocates purchasing AK from Russia
Gwin, William M. 1860 Not reelected to US Sen over Southern Sympathies and advocacy for Pacific States to secede from the Union as a Pacific nation
Gwin, William M. 1861 Arrested in NY by General Sumner but is released by Lincoln; Gwin moves to MS during the CW
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