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Favorable or Unfavorable #367: Chuck Hagel


Favorable or Unfavorable #367: Chuck Hagel  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #367: Chuck Hagel

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Chuck Hagel of NE is arguably one of the most bipartisan politicians of the 21st century. As such, he tended to get attacked by everyone but moderates because of 21st century hyperpartisanship. 

His actions:

Hagel, Chuck 1999 co-sponsors bill w/ Joe Biden for US intervention into Kosovo, but it fails
Hagel, Chuck 2005 GOPer who criticizes Bush admin, especially VP Cheney, comparing Iraq War to Vietnam War
Hagel, Chuck 2006 Co-sponsors immigration reform act
Hagel, Chuck 2007 GOPer states Bush presidency the worst presidency in 40 years.
Hagel, Chuck 2007 Votes for Secure Fence Act along Mexican border
Hagel, Chuck 2007 1 of 3 GOP Senators to support Dem efforts to withdraw troops from Iraq
Hagel, Chuck 2008 Considered a likely cabinet pick for either McCain or Obama, especially as Sec of War
Hagel, Chuck 2008 Rumored to be one of Obama's choice as VP; tells media he would accept Dem VP if offered
Hagel, Chuck 2008 Refuses to endorse either McCain or Obama
Hagel, Chuck 2013 Confirmed Sec of Defense for Obama, despite being a GOPer; faced a brief filibuster
Hagel, Chuck 2015 Resigns as Sec of Defense b/c of conflicts w/ Obama admin strategy regarding ISIS
Hagel, Chuck 2016 Opposes both Clinton and Trump as president
Hagel, Chuck 2020 Supports Biden over Trump
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