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Favorable or Unfavorable #369: HR Haldeman


Favorable or Unfavorable #369: HR Haldeman  

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HR Haldeman is often considered the most influential, and possibly most powerful, WH Chief of Staff in US history. He set the precedence for this office becoming arguably the 2nd most important executive office. From Haldeman on, access to a president has been somewhat restricted, as this position becomes more than just a schedular, it becomes something of an enforcer. The WH CoS becomes the door from which people and information get to the president and vice-versa. 

Haldeman's isolation of VP Agnew from the administration is often considered the first WH Chief of Staff powermove. Haldeman would continue to make moves like this, sometimes unilaterally. For instance, Haldeman got involved in Watergate plot likely before Nixon even knew about it. 

For 1974, I should mention that Nixon had promised Haldeman a pardon if he resigned as WH Chief of Staff. This action is actually Nixon breaking his promise. 

Most WH Chiefs of Staff seem to serve for less than a term. Had Watergate not occurred, I fully expect that Haldeman would have served two full terms

His actions:

Haldeman, HR 1962 Campaign manager for Nixon's failed bid for Gov of CA
Haldeman, HR 1969 Appt WH Chief of Staff by Nixon; considered the most influential Chief of Staff in US History
Haldeman, HR 1970 Winning in Nixon admin power-struggle against VP Agnew
Haldeman, HR 1972 Heavily involved in Watergate Scandal; part of the "smoking gun" tape
Haldeman, HR 1973 Nixon reluctantly compels Haldeman to resign amid Watergate fallout
Haldeman, HR 1974 Asks for and is refused a pardon by Nixon
Haldeman, HR 1975 Convicted for his role in Watergate and sentences to up to 8 yrs in Fed Prison but serves only 18 months
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