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Favorable or Unfavorable #370: Eugene Hale


Favorable or Unfavorable #370: Eugene Hale  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #370: Eugene Hale

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Eugene Hale of ME was one of James G Blaine's two lieutenants in the Blaine-faction. His focus was on naval affairs, although he was opposes to imperialism. He saw the navy as an instrument of defense and a protector of trade. 

His actions:

Hale, Eugene 1872? Declines cabinet offer from Grant
Hale, Eugene 1876 co-campaign manager (along w/ William P Frye) for JG Blaine's pres candidacy
Hale, Eugene 1877 Declines Sec of Navy offer by Hayes
Hale, Eugene 1877 House Republican Conference Chair. While not also serving as speaker
Hale, Eugene 1880 Joins WP Frye again in running Blaine's pres campaign
Hale, Eugene 1884 Big advocate of boosting US Naval power
Hale, Eugene 1897 Influential Senate Naval Affairs Committee Chair. Served 12 years, including during the Spanish-American War
Hale, Eugene 1898 Pro-navy but anti-imperialist GOPer
Hale, Eugene 1898 one of 2 Republicans opposed to Spanish treaty
Hale, Eugene 1908 Senate Republican Conference Chairman
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