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Favorable or Unfavorable #371: Frederick Hale


Favorable or Unfavorable #371: Frederick Hale  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #371: Frederick Hale

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Frederick Hale of ME is the son of the Eugene Hale from the previous poll. He seems to have shared his father's pro-navy, but anti-imperialism philosophies. He may somewhat be related to a Libertarian, being both isolationist and completely opposed to the New Deal and pro-Union legislation. 

His actions:

Hale, Frederick 1918 Votes against the Sedition Act of 1918
Hale, Frederick 1919 opposes the League of Nations
Hale, Frederick 1923 Influential Senate Naval Affairs Committee Chair. Served 10 years, including during naval dearmament
Hale, Frederick 1928 His reelection victory against incumbent Gov Owen Brewster is said to ended the influence of the KKK in Maine
Hale, Frederick 1935 Votes against the pro-Unions Wagner Act; routinely opposes New Deal legislation
Hale, Frederick 1937 Votes against Hugo Black's appt to the SC because of former ties to the KKK
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