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Favorable or Unfavorable #372: John P Hale


Favorable or Unfavorable #372: John P Hale  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #372: John P Hale

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John P Hale of NH is probably the 1st openly abolitionist US Senator. He was Charles Sumner before Charles Sumner. 

It's kind of ironic that is daughter was to marry John Wilkes Booth. It's an action, although he was unaware of it. She later married Sen. William E Chandler in her 30s, which was her only marriage. This was about 10 years after Booth's death, so perhaps she was too controversial to marry for about a decade. 

His final action is kind of interesting. The appointment takes Hale out of the US Senate and places him overseas, which is probably what Johnson (or his close advisors) wanted. Seems like a strategic appointment. 

His actions:

Hale, John P. 1844 Defeated for reelection b/c opposes TX annexation, rare for a Democrat
Hale, John P. 1844 Supports Polk over Clay
Hale, John P. 1846 Wins election to US Sen as abolitionist Independent Democrat
Hale, John P. 1847 Becomes the most anti-slavery US Sen at this time, opposing the Mex-War as it benefits the slavocracy.
Hale, John P. 1847 offers a free soil amendment
Hale, John P. 1848? Only US Sen to oppose Congressional resolution thanking Gen'ls Scott and Taylor
Hale, John P. 1848 Liberty Party candidate for pres
Hale, John P. 1850 Influential in ending flogging in the US Navy
Hale, John P. 1850 attacks Supreme Court as proslavery
Hale, John P. 1851 one of 4 to favor Fugitive Slave Act repeal
Hale, John P. 1852 Free Soil candidate for pres
Hale, John P. 1855 Joins the GOP
Hale, John P. 1859 The first Senate Republican Conference Chairman
Hale, John P. 1861 Senate Naval Affairs Committee Chair. Served through most of the CW 1861-1864
Hale, John P. 1862 Influential in abolishing the rationing of alcohol in the US Navy (prohibition on navy vessels still exists)
Hale, John P. 1865 His daughter is secretly betrothed to John Wilkes Booth
Hale, John P. 1865 Appt Amb to Spain by Johnson
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