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Favorable or Unfavorable #376: Alexander Hamilton


Favorable or Unfavorable #376: Alexander Hamilton  

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Alexander Hamilton of NY is basically the father of the US financial-manufacturing-trade systems. He's often viewed as the "good guy" in the Burr-Hamilton matchup, but Hamilton is arguably as (if not more) manipulative and ambitious than Burr, as you can see in his actions. Neverthless, he is the central economic figure in US history. 

In regards to his 1802? action, About this time Hamilton's letters seem to suggest he's thinking of creating a new party, one built similar to the Federalist Party, but using Christianity to get support among the non-elites. The plan was to cast themselves as the Christian party and the Constitutional party, while Jefferson's party would be cast as athiestic and dangerously populist and anarchic. I think he was waiting out Jefferson--who was too popular-- and had he not been killed in 1804, he would have unleashed the new party as soon as it seemed Jefferson was retiring. However, by this time Hamilton's political capital was badly damaged by his actions in the 1800 election.  

His actions:

Hamilton, Alexander 1789 Confirmed as first Sec of Treasury for Washington
Hamilton, Alexander 1789 Opposes Madison's Tariff of 1789
Hamilton, Alexander 1790 Issues report to Congress calling for a National Bank and economic nationalism
Hamilton, Alexander 1790 Promotes the assumption of state debts to build national credit
Hamilton, Alexander 1790 Role in creating the US Revenue Cutter system to protect US trade at sea
Hamilton, Alexander 1790 Role in Compromise on D.C. in exchange for assumption bill
Hamilton, Alexander 1791 A leading proponent for a Whiskey Tax
Hamilton, Alexander 1791 Issues report to Congress, calling for a protectionist tariff and manufacturing subsidies
Hamilton, Alexander 1791 Unknown at the time but begins affair w/ Maria Reynolds, a married woman
Hamilton, Alexander 1792 Anonymously writes articles denouncing Whiskey rebels.
Hamilton, Alexander 1792 Default leader of the Federalist Party in opposition to Jefferson/Madison's party
Hamilton, Alexander 1793 Writes anonymous articles supporting Neutrality in French Rev
Hamilton, Alexander 1794 Lead architect of the Jay Treaty and engineered its passage
Hamilton, Alexander 1795 Resigns as Sec of Treasury
Hamilton, Alexander 1796 co-authors Washington's Farewell Address, based off 1792 draft co-authored by Madison
Hamilton, Alexander 1796 Maneuvers to get Adams as VP and the more malleable Thomas Pinckney as President
Hamilton, Alexander 1797 1st major US politician to be hit with sex scandal when Reynolds Affair exposed
Hamilton, Alexander 1798 Named 2nd in Command to Washington in quasi-war against France at rank of Maj Gen
Hamilton, Alexander 1798 Advocates using the army to capture all Spanish land West of the Mississippi because of their alliance w/ France
Hamilton, Alexander 1798 Strong supporter of A & S Act, but is disappointed that Adams rarely enforces them
Hamilton, Alexander 1799 b/c Senior Military office on Washington's death
Hamilton, Alexander 1800 Pres Adams disbands most of Hamilton's army, creating a permanent break between the two
Hamilton, Alexander 1800 Schemes in 1800 election to defeat Adams and elevate CC Pinckney backfire on Federalists
Hamilton, Alexander 1800 Writes letters against Adams and his administration ahead of the election
Hamilton, Alexander 1800 Urged Federalists in the House to support Jefferson over Burr for Pres
Hamilton, Alexander 1802? Some argue he is planning to create a replacement party for declining Federalists, one using Christianity to oppose Jeffersonianism
Hamilton, Alexander 1804 Leads effort to undermine VP Burr Gov run, resulting in duel when Burr loses race
Hamilton, Alexander 1804 Killed by VP Burr in a duel
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