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Favorable or Unfavorable #378: James H Hammond


Favorable or Unfavorable #378: James H Hammond  

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Anyone that finds JH Hammond of SC favorable is a terrible person. See below. He might be the worst person I poll. Hashtag 19thCenturyMAGA. 

His actions:

Hammond, James H 1826 While not known in his life time, he has a rare documented same-sex relationship at this time
Hammond, James H 1835 Enters US House as member of the Nullifier Party
Hammond, James H 1836 demands end to antislavery petitions
Hammond, James H 1836 First to define slavery as a "positive good," a term routinely echoes by JC Calhoun
Hammond, James H 1839 Is said to be raping one of his female slaves
Hammond, James H 1842 Joins the Democrats as members of the Nullifiers go to one of the two major parties
Hammond, James H 1843 Accused of sexually abusing his 4 teenage nieces (later proven true); he accuses them of seducing him; they never married b/c of the trauma
Hammond, James H 1850 Is documented as having raped the 12-year-old daughter of the slave he raped in 1839; the 12-year-old ended up bearing some of his children
Hammond, James H 1850 Wife leaves him for three years over his repeated rapes of enslaved women on the plantation
Hammond, James H 1857 South Carolina elects him as US Sen despite all of his scandals
Hammond, James H 1858 "mudsill" justification for slavery; popularizes "Cotton is King"
Hammond, James H 1858 Publishes a how-to field guild to running a slave plantation; enslaved 300 people about this time
Hammond, James H 1860 tries to stop SC secession
Hammond, James H 1860 Resigns from Congress ot secede w/ his state
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I should also mention that this deplorable married his wife only because she was extremely wealthy. It was completely transactional. He had little wealth until he somehow convinced her to marry him. Following that, he used the money that then was “legally his” via marriage to become one of the largest slaveholders and political movers. I don’t know the wife’s personality enough to know how approving she was of any of this, aside from the 1850 action. 

One action I couldn’t place (no date) is a speech he gave at some point calling the north hypocrite for free labor they use, presumably child labor, but the circumstances are radically different and the South also used child labor. 

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