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Favorable or Unfavorable #379: Winfield Scott Hancock


Favorable or Unfavorable #379: Winfield Scott Hancock  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #379: Winfield Scott Hancock

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Gen. WS Hancock is typically remembered as a Union CW Gen. As a Democratic candidate, he was typically quiet on the issues, which is probably why he was the nominee in 1880 and did reasonably well. He didn't say anything to have people flying to the GOP. Apparently, on losing the 1880 election, he seemed almost relieved. He's often identified with the Bourbon Democrats, but he seemed to have no real set ideology other than not being a Republican.

His actions:

Hancock, Winfield Scott 1862 Promoted to Maj Gen
Hancock, Winfield Scott 1863 Becomes a hero of Gettysburg, where he was wounded in battle
Hancock, Winfield Scott 1865 Supervises execution of Lincoln conspirators
Hancock, Winfield Scott 1868 Dem Pres cand
Hancock, Winfield Scott 1872 Becomes the senior major gen in the US army
Hancock, Winfield Scott 1876 Dem Pres cand
Hancock, Winfield Scott 1880 Dem Pres nominee
Hancock, Winfield Scott 1881 Pres of the NRA
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