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Favorable or Unfavorable #380: Mark Hanna


Favorable or Unfavorable #380: Mark Hanna  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #380: Mark Hanna

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Mark Hanna (OH-R) was a millionaire-turned-politician who is most famous as the campaign manager for McKinley. During his day, he'd be more famous for being a powerful US Senator and behind the scenes influencer. 

His actions:

Hanna, Mark 1880 Backs John Sherman for pres, but works to elect Garfield in the general, some say crucial to his victory
Hanna, Mark 1884 Backs Sherman again for president
Hanna, Mark 1888 Backs Sherman a 3rd time for pres
Hanna, Mark 1896 manages McKinley's campaign; some consider him the most influential campaign manager
Hanna, Mark 1897 Declines cabinet offer from McKinley
Hanna, Mark 1898 against entering war with Spain
Hanna, Mark 1899 rallies support for Spanish treaty, despite initially opposing war
Hanna, Mark 1900 co-founder of National Civic Foundation
Hanna, Mark 1900 helps settle miners strike
Hanna, Mark 1900 manages McKinley's reelection campaign
Hanna, Mark 1990 Horrified that TR is nominated for VP
Hanna, Mark 1901 promotes merchant marine subsidy
Hanna, Mark 1901 presses for Panama canal
Hanna, Mark 1901 GOP leader and possible pres cand
Hanna, Mark 1902 Advises TR on Coal Strike
Hanna, Mark 1904 implicated in P.O. Dept. corruption
Hanna, Mark 1904 Death of Hanna removes obstacle to TR's reelection and party leadership
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