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Favorable or Unfavorable #383: John M Harlan


Favorable or Unfavorable #383: John M Harlan  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #383: John M Harlan

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SC Justice John Marshall Harlan of KY is quite unusual in that he had little interest in aiding blacks, but he was such a strong defender of civil liberties that he dissenting in major cases that restricted civil rights of blacks. I get the idea that he opposed blacks gaining equality, but once the 13th Amendment and Civil Rights Acts became law, he saw White Supremacist legislation/Jim Crow Laws as unconstitutional. 

His grandson JM Harlan II was also a SC Justice, but he only has 4 actions. 

His actions:

Harlan, John M 1860 Former Whig who supports Const Union Party
Harlan, John M 1864 Supports McClellan over Lincoln
Harlan, John M 1864 Opposes 13th Amendment
Harlan, John M 1868 Independent who joins GOP to support Grant for pres
Harlan, John M 1875 Opposes Civil Rights Act of 1875
Harlan, John M 1876 Supports Bristow for pres
Harlan, John M 1877 Considered for Att Gen by Hayes
Harlan, John M 1877 Confirmed to SC; Hayes wanted a Southerner on the Court ; becomes known as "The Great Dissenter"
Harlan, John M 1883 Sole dissenter in Civil Rights Cases, which ruled Congress could not protect blacks from private individuals
Harlan, John M 1896 Sole dissenter in Plessy v Ferguson, which ruled to uphold segregation
Harlan, John M 1898 Strong anti-imperialist
Harlan, John M 1903 Dissents in Giles v Harris, which upheld racial disenfranchisement
Harlan, John M 1911 Dies in office
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1 hour ago, vcczar said:

I'll give him favorable for his dissents as a justice and for being anti-imperialist. 

Happy Thanksgiving Mr. V. I Hope things are going well for you. 🙂 

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