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Favorable or Unfavorable #384: Robert Goodloe Harper


Favorable or Unfavorable #384: Robert Goodloe Harper  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #384: Robert Goodloe Harper

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RG Harper of SC, then of MD, was one of Hamilton's lieutenants in the US House. He was a Federalist in SC back when that state was heavily Federalist, and then moved to MD about the time the state broke for Jefferson. 

SC is an odd state during this time. Even when they left the Federalists, they never quite fit in with the Jeffersonian Republicans or Jacksonian Democrats. For one, the state opposed anything resembling Democracy. They didn't often support expansion because they feared it would diminish the power of SC. While they did align with Federalists by nature, they never fit with the National Republicans or Whigs. The state of SC basically had no major party that really fit them from 1800-1854. Under Pierce, the Democrats firmly became the slavery party, as Southern Whigs joined the party and Free Soil Democrats turned Republican. 

His actions:

Harper, Robert Goodloe 1795 Prominent Hamilton ally enters US House; some argue he was Hamilton's mouth and ears in the House
Harper, Robert Goodloe 1798 Famous quote in opposition to French bribe
Harper, Robert Goodloe 1798 Impeachment manager in Blount trial
Harper, Robert Goodloe 1798 House promoter of A&S Acts
Harper, Robert Goodloe 1800 Federalist who angles to help Burr win presidency
Harper, Robert Goodloe 1812 Maj Gen during the war
Harper, Robert Goodloe 1816 Takes office as US Sen in MD, despite having been US Rep for SC over a decade ago
Harper, Robert Goodloe 1816 Federalist VP nom
Harper, Robert Goodloe 1820 Gets 1 EV for VP from Federalists
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