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Favorable or Unfavorable #385: W Averell Harriman


Favorable or Unfavorable #385: W Averell Harriman  

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W Averell Harriman (NY-D) was one of the so called foreign policy "wise men" of the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. He was similar to a Kissinger figure, except he had greater range. He was Gov of NY and considered a strong candidate for president. 

His foreign policy achievements are pretty outstanding, whether one agrees with them or not. 

His actions:

Harriman, W Averell 1941 Special envoy for FDR to help coordinate Lend-Lease w/ UK
Harriman, W Averell 1942 Joins Churchill at Moscow Conference
Harriman, W Averell 1943 Appt Amb to the USSR for FDR
Harriman, W Averell 1943 Role in Tehran Conference
Harriman, W Averell 1945 Role in Yalta Conference
Harriman, W Averell 1945 Role in Potsdam Conference, leaves conference as an advocate for containment policy
Harriman, W Averell 1946 Appt Amb to UK for Truman but serves only a few months
Harriman, W Averell 1946 Confirmed Sec of Commerce for Truman
Harriman, W Averell 1948 Resigns as Sec of Com to lead the Marshall Plan in Europe
Harriman, W Averell 1952 Dem Pres Cand
Harriman, W Averell 1956 Dem Pres Cand, and Fmr Pres Truman's choice
Harriman, W Averell 1958 His defeat for reelection as Gov of NY, ushers in the Rockefeller Era
Harriman, W Averell 1960 Reluctantly endorses JFK for pres
Harriman, W Averell 1961 Made Amb at large by JFK
Harriman, W Averell 1962 Advises JFK on Cuban Missile Crisis
Harriman, W Averell 1963 Helps negotiate the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty for JFK
Harriman, W Averell 1963 Alleged involvement in coup in South Vietnam that saw the assassination of Diem
Harriman, W Averell 1968 Sent by LBJ to Vietnam to negotiate end of Vietnam War
Harriman, W Averell 1969 Replaced by Nixon before he could conclude negotiations to end the war in Vietnam
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