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Favorable or Unfavorable #386: Kamala Harris


Favorable or Unfavorable #386: Kamala Harris  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #386: Kamala Harris

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VP Kamala Harris (CA-D) is on pace to being the greatest VP (in the neutral sense of the word). She is both the first woman VP, 1st black VP, 1st Asian VP, and she's tied with slavery-defender JC Calhoun for most tie-breaking votes by a VP in history. It seems likely that she'll pass him at some point. 

However, her "greatness" is undermined by having excessively low favorable ratings. Her approval waffles between about 34%-40%, which is lower than both Biden and Trump's. However, it is no where near Dick Cheney's 13% approval at the end of 2008. 


Her actions:

Harris, Kamala 2017 First US Sen of South Asian descent
Harris, Kamala 2017 Calls for fellow Dem Al Franken to resign amid sex assault scandal
Harris, Kamala 2018 Sponsors anti-lynching bill, but it is defeated in the House
Harris, Kamala 2019 Argues that voter suppression caused Abrams and Gillum (both Dems) from losing Gov races in GA and FL
Harris, Kamala 2020 Pres cand and then VP Nom--first black and first asian VP nom in US history
Harris, Kamala 2021 Becomes the first woman, first black, and first Asian VP in US history
Harris, Kamala 2023 Ties John C Calhoun for the most tie-breaking votes in US History w/ 31
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I have some issues with her on criminal justice and reform in that areas, but she's typically been agreeable. Unlike most Bernie Sanders fans, I don't dislike her. I would probably give her a C+ to B- as far as how much I support her. This is about how I'd rank Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, Biden would be like a B- to B. Obama would get B+ to A-. Sanders and Warren would both get an A+ from me. 

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