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Favorable or Unfavorable #388: Pat Harrison


Favorable or Unfavorable #388: Pat Harrison  

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Sen. Pat Harrison (MS-D) is a typical Southern Democrat of his time, embracing racism and the like. Harrison was often at odds with fellow Sen. Bilbo, who considered Harrison to be upper-class, while Bilbo tried to portray himself as the common Southerner. Harrison was more inclined to support the early New Deal, and backed a Catholic pres nominee, something completely unthinkable to Klan-allied Southerners, such as Bilbo. Nevertheless, Harrison used race-baiting for votes and opposed legislation aimed at achieving equality or equity for blacks. 

His actions:

Harrison, Pat 1913? Becomes a key House ally for Wilson
Harrison, Pat 1914 Harrison Anti-Narcotics Act
Harrison, Pat 1918 Wins US Sen seat against powerful fellow Dem, incumbent Vardaman, with Wilson's help
Harrison, Pat 1921 Strongly opposes Harding stand against racial segregation
Harrison, Pat 1924 Dem pres cand
Harrison, Pat 1928 Dem Pres cand
Harrison, Pat 1928 Rare Deep South pol to openly support Smith for pres, despite Smith's Catholicism
Harrison, Pat 1932 Helps secure FDR election by swinging MS delegation to FDR at Dem Convention
Harrison, Pat 1933 Influential Senate Finance Committee Chair. Served Gr Depr and New Deal
Harrison, Pat 1935 Role in creating Social Security Act
Harrison, Pat 1935 presses FDR to right on Wagner Act
Harrison, Pat 1935 mostly wins on Revenue Act of 1935
Harrison, Pat 1936 gets short-term renewal of NRA
Harrison, Pat 1937 Member of the Conservative coalition despite typically supporting FDR's New Deal
Harrison, Pat 1937 a filibuster roadblock to civil rights bills
Harrison, Pat 1937 Loses election as Sen Maj Ldr by 1 vote because he refused to speak to fellow MS Sen Bilbo, who backed Barkley
Harrison, Pat 1938 carries Revenue Act disliked by FDR
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