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Favorable or Unfavorable #390: Gary Hart


Favorable or Unfavorable #390: Gary Hart  

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Sen. Gary Hart (CO-D) was kind of like the Bill Clinton before Bill Clinton. In 1975, he joined the US Senate when a lot of voters were getting tired of New Deal-style politics and policies. Hart, despite having been McGovern's campaign manager 3 years earlier, is sometimes labeled as a New Democrat, which is a term not really used until the Reagan Era.

The misconception is that Democrats moderated because Reagan was popular. That isn't true. Jimmy Carter was deregulating before Reagan did. Carter is just following the movement that Gary Hart was a part of. 

When I worked at the Huffington Post, Gary Hart frequently sent in blogs for review, almost always on foreign policy. The strange thing about him is that he got a doctorate at Oxford late in life--about 2013. He's published several books.

His actions: 

Hart, Gary 1972 Campaign manager for McGovern pres bid
Hart, Gary 1975 new-style Democratic politician joins US Sen
Hart, Gary 1984 Sponsors Semiconductor Chip Protection Act (supported by Atari Democrats)
Hart, Gary 1984 Recepient of Mondale's famous "Where's the Beef?" line at Dem debate
Hart, Gary 1984 candidate for Dem pres nom, narrowly losing to Mondale
Hart, Gary 1988 Frontrunner Dem cand for pres until marital affair scandal knocks him out
Hart, Gary 2004 After putting in early moves for run for pres, decides to back Kerry
Hart, Gary 2014 Appt special envoy to Northern Ireland by Obama
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