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Favorable or Unfavorable #391: Vance Hartke


Favorable or Unfavorable #391: Vance Hartke  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #391: Vance Hartke

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Sen. Vance Hartke (IN-D) was like the Sherrod Brown before Sherrod Brown. He was one of the greatest activists for peace. His landslide defeat to Dick Lugar was probably the first sign that this state was headed to becoming a red state. I'm often shocked that Obama won IN in 2008, considering that even Clinton couldn't win IN in 92 or 96. 

His actions:

Hartke, Vance 1964? Becomes one of the earliest opponents of the Vietnam War
Hartke, Vance 1969 Reintroduces bill to create a Dept of Peace (Peace Act)
Hartke, Vance 1970 Role in creating Amtrak
Hartke, Vance 1971 First Senate VA Committee Chair
Hartke, Vance 1972 Dem pres cand
Hartke, Vance 1976 Defeated in a landslide for reelection by Dick Lugar
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