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Favorable or Unfavorable #392: John F Hartranft


Favorable or Unfavorable #392: John F Hartranft  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #392: John F Hartranft

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John F Hartranft of PA represents on of many North Democrats who switched to the GOP at the end of the Civil War. The Democratic Party was associated as the party of rebellion, and so the switch was made to have any chance at political office.

Hartranft might also be the first Progressive Gov of the US, foreshadowing the Progressive Era by 20+ years. In 1877, he sent out the militia, not because he didn't sympathize with the strikers, but to maintain public order. He felt that keeping tranquility was more important than politics at the moment, although this certainly upset many of his supporters. 

His actions:

Hartranft, John F 1865 Promoted to brevet Maj Gen for his role as a division commander in the Appomattox Campaign
Hartranft, John F 1865 Reads the death warrant to the Lincoln conspirators
Hartranft, John F 1865 Switched from Dem to GOP following the war
Hartranft, John F 1872 Proto-progressive elected Gov of PA -- anti-corruption, pro-labor, pro-civil rights, pro-regulations, pro-education
Hartranft, John F 1876 Rep pres cand
Hartranft, John F 1877 Controversially sends out militia during Great RR Strike while as Gov of PA
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9 minutes ago, OrangeP47 said:

Tempted to vote unfavorable for that last action, which I assume was to crush a strike, but I'm guessing the weight of his platform makes up for it.

I don't think he wanted to crush a strike. He just wanted to maintain order. I don't think his goal was to side against the strikers or to even necessarily end the strike. 

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