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Favorable or Unfavorable #393: Dennis Hastert


Favorable or Unfavorable #393: Dennis Hastert  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #393: Dennis Hastert

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Child molester and Fmr GOP Speaker Dennis Hastert of IL is (I think still is) the longest-serving GOP Speaker of the House in US History. He was considered more of a behind-the-scenes Speaker. His production mostly shows, but it is hard to overlook actions 1976(?), 1992, 2007, and 2016. 

His actions:

Hastert, Dennis 1976? Not publicly known at the time but molests male teenagers while as a wrestling coach
Hastert, Dennis 1992 Found to have bounced 44 checks during House Banking Scandal
Hastert, Dennis 1993 Big role in helping lead the fight against Hillarycare healthplan
Hastert, Dennis 1999 Elected Speaker of the US House
Hastert, Dennis 2000 Backs supporting recognition of Armenian Genocide
Hastert, Dennis 2001 Fails in strong attempt to prevent McCain-Feingold
Hastert, Dennis 2001 Shepherds Patriot Act swiftly through the House
Hastert, Dennis 2002 Helps co-author Iraq War Resolution
Hastert, Dennis 2002 Helps promote theory that Saddam's Iraq is working with Al-Qaeda
Hastert, Dennis 2003 Big role in getting Medicare overhaul bill passed
Hastert, Dennis 2004 Namesake of the Hastert Rule "majority of the majority," which he strongly supports only when the GOP controls the House
Hastert, Dennis 2007 Resigns from Congress, following Democratic takeover
Hastert, Dennis 2007 Pleads to violating banking rules and lying to FBI; sexual misconduct w/ underage boys
Hastert, Dennis 2016 Fmr Speaker imprisoned 13 months for child molestation; highest ranking US pol to ever serve prison sentence at the time
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