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Favorable or Unfavorable #394: Orrin Hatch


Favorable or Unfavorable #394: Orrin Hatch  

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Sen. Orrin Hatch (UT-R) is one of the longest-serving US Senators in history. His stance on the mosque in 2010 is connected to his bill in 2000. 

I was living in NYC and teaching at Pace University, a couple of blocks away, when the Mosque was being built a block or two from Ground Zero. There were a bunch of likely out-of-town protestors---I think entirely religious conservatives based on the signs and visuals. Bible verses, images of a vengeful Jesus, etc. NYC allowed the mosque to stay, although not as the 13-story mosque and community center originally planned. I think it was converted to a condo that included a Mosque prayer space in it. 

His actions:

Hatch, Orrin 1977 Compares homosexual teachers to American Nazi Party members
Hatch, Orrin 1981 against MX missiles in Utah
Hatch, Orrin 1982 Cofounds Federalist Society
Hatch, Orrin 1987 Considered for SC nom by Reagan
Hatch, Orrin 1989 Role in Bush's expanded War on Drugs
Hatch, Orrin 1991 Played major role in getting Justice Thomas confirmed.
Hatch, Orrin 1993 Recommends Ruth Bader Ginsberg to Pres. Clinton for SC
Hatch, Orrin 1994 Sponsors Dietary Supplement Health Act, deregulating dietary supplements.
Hatch, Orrin 1997 Helped tag Children's health insurance to Balanced Budget Amdt
Hatch, Orrin 2000 Authors Religious Land Use Act
Hatch, Orrin 2000 Rep Pres cand; endorses Bush over McCain after dropping out
Hatch, Orrin 2001 Joined Dem Dick Durbin to introduce DREAM Act
Hatch, Orrin 2001 Breaks w/ Pres Bush by supporting Stem Cell Research
Hatch, Orrin 2003 Proposes Const. Amendment to allow naturalized US citizens to run for pres or VP after 20 years as US citizen (Arnold Schwarzenegger Amendment)
Hatch, Orrin 2009 Backs TARP, but later regrets it
Hatch, Orrin 2010 Defends Muslims's right to build mosque near Ground Zero in NYC, despite strong opposition from religious conservatives
Hatch, Orrin 2010 Votes against New Start Treaty w/ Russia
Hatch, Orrin 2013 Despite previous opposition, protects LGBT by supporting Employment Non-Discrimination Act; backs civil unions
Hatch, Orrin 2016 Backs Jeb Bush, then Rubio, then Trump in pres election
Hatch, Orrin 2017 Led Trump Tax cuts through US Senate
Hatch, Orrin 2018 Refers to Obamacare supporters as "stupidest, dumbass people I've ever met."
Hatch, Orrin 2018 States he would support Kavanaugh for SC even if sexual assault allegations are true
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18 hours ago, vcczar said:

He was often decent, even if I disagreed with him. He seemed to be at his worst early and at the end of his career. -- Carter Era and Trump Era were the worst periods of Hatch. Otherwise, he was respectable, generally.

You know, there's a lot more here to like than I would have suspected, but it doesn't push him to favorable for me.

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