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Favorable or Unfavorable #395: Mark Hatfield


Favorable or Unfavorable #395: Mark Hatfield  

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Sen. Mark Hatfield (OR-R) was both an evangelical Christian and a liberal Republican, which I think is a natural fit, and it's sad the most openly evangelical Christian politicians aren't liberal Republicans. 

I once read he was descended from the Hatfields of Hatfield & McCoy fame, but I'm not sure if that's actually true.

His actions:

Hatfield, Mark 1952 Gains attention from National GOP for role in helping convince Eisenhower to run for pres; appt a delegate to Conv
Hatfield, Mark 1959 36-year-old Gov of OR
Hatfield, Mark 1964 Gives keynote address at GOP Conv, possibly to appease liberals
Hatfield, Mark 1964 Opposes Vietnam War, but backs full support and aid to troops
Hatfield, Mark 1967 Votes for Thurgood Marshall for the SC
Hatfield, Mark 1968 Considered for VP by Nixon but judged too liberal in the end
Hatfield, Mark 1969 GOP who votes against conservative Haynsworth for SC
Hatfield, Mark 1970 GOP who votes against conservative Carswell for SC, but accepts Rehnquist just after
Hatfield, Mark 1970 Hatfield-McGovern amendment to end Vietnam War
Hatfield, Mark 1977 Cosponsors (w/ Abourezk) Const. Amendment to allow federal law to be passed by popular vote
Hatfield, Mark 1981 Opposes Reagan's MX Missile proposal
Hatfield, Mark 1987 Shocks some by supporting Bork for the SC
Hatfield, Mark 1987 GOPer who votes to override Reagan's veto of Civil Rights bill
Hatfield, Mark 1991 Only US Sen to have supported both Clarence Thomas and Thurgood Marshall for the SC
Hatfield, Mark 1991 Voted against Iraq War resolution, one of only two Senate GOPers to do so
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