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Favorable or Unfavorable #399: Josh Hawley


Favorable or Unfavorable #399: Josh Hawley  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #399: Josh Hawley

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Josh Hawley (MO-R) is a politician often defined as a Christian Nationalist, although I couldn't find any dates for comments defining him as such, as you can see. He does have several comments calling the nation a nation founded as a "Christian" nation. He also has several near actions aimed at curbing video game addiction, which seems like a major obsession of his. 

He is probably best known for the fist-bump to the insurrectionists on Jan 6th, then trying to lead an overturn of the election in the US Senate, and then being caught on video running for his life from the insurrectionists once the broke into the Capitol. 

His actions:

Hawley, Josh 2018 Encourages Trump to escalate trade war w/ China
Hawley, Josh 2020 Calls for abolition of the World Trade Organization
Hawley, Josh 2020 Rare GOPer supporting COVID relief check payment increases, joining Socialist Bernie Sanders
Hawley, Josh 2020 Considered for the SC by Trump
Hawley, Josh 2021 Leads effort in Senate to overturn 2020 election on Jan 6th insurrection
Hawley, Josh 2021 Calls on Biden to resign after Taliban retakes Kabul following US withdraw
Hawley, Josh 2022 Only Senator to vote against Sweden and Norway joining NATO
Hawley, Josh 2022 One of only 11 GOPers to vote against sending military aid to Ukraine upon Russian invasion
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