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Favorable or Unfavorable #400: John Hay


Favorable or Unfavorable #400: John Hay  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #400: John Hay

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John Hay (IL-R) was somewhat of an independent voter, favoring reformist Democrats for a time over Stalwarts. His favorite GOP pol was James G Blaine, but he considered Democrats when Blaine was thwarted. He's easily one of the top 5 most productive Secs of State in US History. 

It's also crazy to think that someone working for Lincoln was serving during the time of Teddy Roosevelt. 

His actions:

Hay, John 1861 Is hired by Lincoln to be one of his two personal secretaries, serving the entire presidency
Hay, John 1867 Unable to get appt as Amb to Sweden, even w/ Seward's help
Hay, John 1872 Unsupportive of Grant's reelection due to scandals, but won't openly back Greeley
Hay, John 1876 Backs Tilden over Hayes
Hay, John 1878 Recommended for Amb to Germany but rejected for backing Tilden
Hay, John 1881 Rejects Garfield's offer to be personal secretary; sticks to being an advisor for Garfield
Hay, John 1884 Supports Blaine for pres
Hay, John 1888 Supports John Sherman for GOP nom
Hay, John 1896 Early supporter of McKinley
Hay, John 1897 Appt Amb to UK for McKinley
Hay, John 1898 Confirmed Sec of State for McKinley
Hay, John 1899 Issues Open Door Policy
Hay, John 1899 Signs Treaty of Paris
Hay, John 1901 Kept on Sec of State by McKinley
Hay, John 1901 Negotiates treaty w/ UK allowing US to establish a Panama Canal
Hay, John 1903 Negotiates treaty w/ Panama establishing Panama Canal Zone
Hay, John 1903 Negotiates treaty w/ UK to resolve Alaska/Canada border
Hay, John 1903 Signs treaty w/ Columbia for US to lease land across isthmus of Panama
Hay, John 1905 Dies in office
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