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Favorable or Unfavorable #401: Carl Hayden


Favorable or Unfavorable #401: Carl Hayden  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #401: Carl Hayden

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Carl Hayden (AZ-D) served for almost 60 years. He won election in 1910 and seemed to be the most overtly energetic towards the end of the Wilson presidency. Starting in the 1920s, he became a more behind the scenes figure. Most of his legislation was focused exclusively on Arizona. Lot of state-based irrigation, infrastructure, national parks and things like that. Not really national. Outside of his state, he was best known for having served as a chair of one of the most important committees for 14 years. 

He had a lot of respect for never targeting his opponents personally. He wouldn't name them by name, but he would argue against policy he thought was bad. 

His actions:

Hayden, Carl 1917 Adds amendment to bill prohibiting conscripts from buying their way out of the military draft
Hayden, Carl 1919 Co sponsors Grand Canyon National Park Act
Hayden, Carl 1919 Introduces resolution supporting Women's Suffrage
Hayden, Carl 1955 Influential Senate Appropriations Committee Chair. Serves 14 years, including through most of the Vietnam War
Hayden, Carl 1957 Influential Pres pro tempore of the Senate. Served 12 years
Hayden, Carl 1969 Retires after 57 years in the US legislature
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