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Favorable or Unfavorable #402: Rutherford B Hayes


Favorable or Unfavorable #402: Rutherford B Hayes  

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Pres. Rutherford B Hayes (OH-R) is most famous for having lost the popular vote against Samuel J Tilden, while winning in the Electoral College via a controversial after-election day decision. Hayes lacked almost all political capital to really do much in his presidency. This is somewhat comparable to JQ Adams who was rendered quasi-powerless because he lacked a real mandate. Hayes was less stubborn, so he was arguably more successful.

He began as an abolitionist and seemed likely to be a Radical Republican, but he was a moderate reformist. He supported Civil Rights, but he was more focused on combatting corruption and reintegrating the South back into the US. 

After his presidency, he was showing some signs of favoring progressive policies, especially in regards to education. He was somewhat quiet after his presidency. 

His actions:

Hayes, Rutherford B 1861 Joins OH infantry unit that includes future Pres. McKinley and future SC Justice Matthews
Hayes, Rutherford B 1864 Promoted to Brig Gen and then Brevet Maj Gen following the Battle of Cedar Creek
Hayes, Rutherford B 1865 Despite early fervent abolitionism, enters Congress as a moderate when Congress is dominated by Radicals.
Hayes, Rutherford B 1867 Endorses impeachment of Johnson while as Gov of OH
Hayes, Rutherford B 1871 Declines pressure to challenge fellow GOPer incumbent Sen Sherman
Hayes, Rutherford B 1875 Unusual in that he wins a 3rd term as Gov of OH, but this one non-consec
Hayes, Rutherford B 1876 Compromise nom; Admits he's never heard of his VP Nom, Wheeler
Hayes, Rutherford B 1876 Wins controversial 1876 election
Hayes, Rutherford B 1876 Admits to Frederick Douglass that the party will try to succeed without protecting the black vote
Hayes, Rutherford B 1877 Compelled to accept Compromise of 1877, but does not fulfill industrialization or RR for South
Hayes, Rutherford B 1877 Pulls troops from the South, formally ending Reconstruction
Hayes, Rutherford B 1877 Sends troops to several cities to quell Great RR strike, which results in 100+ deaths
Hayes, Rutherford B 1877 Goes to war w/ Conkling over civil service reform; replaced Conkling men w/ Evarts men
Hayes, Rutherford B 1877 Appts Harlan to the SC
Hayes, Rutherford B 1877 Presides as Nez Perce War breaks out
Hayes, Rutherford B 1878 Vetoes Bland-Allison Silver Purchase Act, but it is overidden
Hayes, Rutherford B 1878 Signs Posse Comitatus Act, which restricts use of federal troops in domestic policy
Hayes, Rutherford B 1879 Vetoes bills designed to remove protections for Black voters in the South
Hayes, Rutherford B 1879 Presides as White River War breaks out
Hayes, Rutherford B 1879 Signs Arrears Act
Hayes, Rutherford B 1879 Vetoes bill limiting the number of Chinese on a passenger ship
Hayes, Rutherford B 1880 Appts Woods to the SC
Hayes, Rutherford B 1880 1st incumbent pres to go to the West Coast during Great Western Tour
Hayes, Rutherford B 1880 Makes public address calling for civil service reform
Hayes, Rutherford B 1880 Fulfills promise to serve only one-term
Hayes, Rutherford B 1881 Appts his old military comrade Matthews to the SC, but Congress fails to act (later resubmitted by Garfield)
Hayes, Rutherford B 1884 Approves of Cleveland's civil service reform, despite being of a different party
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I'll give him the favorable because his intentions were mostly good and I don't think he deserves a unanimous unfavorable, even if he is my least favorite of the Gilded Age Republican presidents

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