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Favorable or Unfavorable #403: Robert Y Hayne


Favorable or Unfavorable #403: Robert Y Hayne  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #403: Robert Y Hayne

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Robert Y Hayne (SC-D) was, along with Calhoun, the leading advocates of slaveocracy in the 1830s. Hayne's 1830 debate with Webster is sometimes considered the starting point of the ante-bellum events leading up to the Civil War. However, some scholars prefer to start with the Missouri Compromise, The 3/5 Clause of the US Constitution, Northwest Ordinance forbidding slavery, or the VA & KY Resolutions. Regardless, all of these set the groundwork for the Civil War.

Hayne is just another example of South Carolina peversely-seeking to make the worst people politicians in their state. Tim Scott and Nikki Haley are angels compared to their historical politicians. Heck, even Lindsay Graham looks good by comparison. 

His actions:

Hayne, Robert Y. 1820 Listed as a major slaveholder w/ 118 enslaved people
Hayne, Robert Y. 1825 A leader of the anti-Adams coalition
Hayne, Robert Y. 1829 champion of South-West coalition
Hayne, Robert Y. 1830 Webster-Hayne debate regarding federal powers
Hayne, Robert Y. 1832 leads at SC nullification convention
Hayne, Robert Y. 1832 Becomes Gov of SC as the Nullification Crisis and secession threats are on-going
Hayne, Robert Y. 1839 Listed in abolitionist material as a slaveholder who disregards marriages of enslaved people
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