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Favorable or Unfavorable #405: Margaret Heckler


Favorable or Unfavorable #405: Margaret Heckler  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #405: Margaret Heckler

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Margaret Heckler of MA was considered one of the last Rockefeller Republicans, a faction quickly dwindling as the GOP became more socially conservative. Heckler clearly highlights this issue. While she should be faulted for not underscoring the AIDS Epidemic---far more deadly than the COVID epidemic--her reluctance to bring the issue up with Reagan had more to do with the cabinet and Reagan's gatekeeper using a lot of muscle to ignore the crisis. In short, she hadn't the moral strength to defend a demographic of Americans dying from a then relatively unknown virus. This is certainly a black spot on Reagan's legacy, according to the grand majority of scholars and other students of history. Heckler contributes to this by her inaction. Heckler only carries two years of blame for this as she held the post for two years during an epidemic that was at a peak for about 10 years or more. Reagan and most leaders of the Religious Right are certainly the source of the blame. The latter showed no Christ-like empathy as you'll soon learn in the poll for Religious Right political leader, Jesse Helms. 

Her actions:

Heckler, Margaret 1971 A leading advocate of the Equal Rights Amendment
Heckler, Margaret 1983 Confirmed Sec of Health & Human Services for Reagan
Heckler, Margaret 1983 Presides during the AIDS Crisis, and controversial never discussed the crisis w/ Reagan and ignored it in cabinet meetings
Heckler, Margaret 1985 1st woman to ever be named designated survivor
Heckler, Margaret 1986 Appt Amb to Ireland for Reagan
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