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Favorable or Unfavorable #406: J Thomas Heflin


Favorable or Unfavorable #406: J Thomas Heflin  

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Sen. J Thomas Heflin (AL-D) is yet another terrible Southern Democrat politician. We will likely see at least 100 of them polled in the course of this, I'd wager. This doesn't account for those that won't get 5 actions. In fact, especially from 1876-1972, you'll get maybe a handful of Southern Democrats from the former Confederate States who aren't openly and actively racist. It's especially sad when you consider that these people are elected by the people (well, white people that could afford a poll tax). 

His actions:

Heflin, J Thomas 1901 Role in strengthening Jim Crow laws against blacks at Alabama Const Convention
Heflin, J Thomas 1921 Opposes Harding stand against racial segregation
Heflin, J Thomas 1928? Joins the KKK at about this time, although not revealed for about 10 years.
Heflin, J Thomas 1928 Despite being a Dem, goes on an anti-Catholic campaign tour partially funded by the KKK to attack Al Smith and Catholicism
Heflin, J Thomas 1928 Crosses party line to support Hoover over Smith in 1928 election
Heflin, J Thomas 1930 Dropped by Dem Party in his reelection bid for having supported Hoover in 1928. Loses reelection bid as an independent.
Heflin, J Thomas 1930 Blasts NY legalizing interracial marriage; argues that Sen. Copeland of NY would be lynched if he went to the South
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