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Favorable or Unfavorable #409: John B Henderson


Favorable or Unfavorable #409: John B Henderson  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #409: John B Henderson

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John B Henderson of MO sided with the Union during the CW, despite being from a border state, and having been born in Virginia.

He was originally a Democrat but left as the party became more and more associated with rebellion and joined the Unconditional Unionists, which were basically a loose collection of independents--mostly former Democrats and Whigs--who refused to associate with Democrats but still considered the GOP as mainly an abolitionist party first and a Unionist party second. Despite this, he played a big role in constitutionally ending slavery. 

He was not reelected after voting against convicting Johnson. There might be a connection, but Missouri also had more open Democrats than other Unionist states, so it could just be a concidence. Henderson never held elected office again, but he was appointed for roles as you can see below. 

His actions:

Henderson, John B 1864 A leading role in crafting 13th Amdt
Henderson, John B 1865 Officially joins the GOP, having left the Dem party 2 years earlier
Henderson, John B 1868 Votes against convicting Johnson
Henderson, John B 1875 Put in charge of committee to investigate Whiskey Ring but removed for conflict w/ Grant
Henderson, John B 1890 Role in Pan-American Conference
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