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Favorable or Unfavorable #410: Thomas A Hendricks


Favorable or Unfavorable #410: Thomas A Hendricks  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #410: Thomas A Hendricks

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VP Thomas A Hendricks (IN-D) represents many Midwestern pro-Union Democrats who opposed actions they saw were drastic, among these the military draft, immediately abolition of slavery, voting rights for blacks, equality and protection of Civil Rights for blacks. 

Hendricks is a little perplexing. He supported the KS-NE Act despite his district strongly opposing it; yet, he opposed Buchanan's administration frequently because Buchanan was too pro-slavery. He opposed drastic actions, but the KS-NE Act was very drastic and led to more drastic behavior. 

On abolition and voting, he thought blacks weren't quite ready for either but that these were both goals that were bound to happen. Despite this, he didn't believe the races were equal. 

Finally, his support for Irish Independence, while it had support among many urban Democrats of Irish descent and anti-British people, it was likely that Cleveland and the Democratic Party were not yet ready to make a hard stance on the issue.

His actions:

Hendricks, Thomas A 1854 Defeated for reelection for supporting the KS-NE Act, which was unpopular in his district
Hendricks, Thomas A 1863 Enters the US Sen as opposed to the military draft, despite supporting the Union
Hendricks, Thomas A 1864 Northern Senator opposed to 13th Amendment abolishing slavery, thinking it is too soon; Will oppose 14th and 15th Amendments similarly
Hendricks, Thomas A 1865? Argues that the South should have representation because they couldn't legally secede to lose representation.
Hendricks, Thomas A 1868 Dem Pres cand
Hendricks, Thomas A 1872 Becomes the 1st post-CW Dem to win a gubernatorial election
Hendricks, Thomas A 1872 Receives 42 electoral votes in 1872 pres election meant for recently deceased Greeley
Hendricks, Thomas A 1876 Dem candidate for pres, and Dem nominee for VP
Hendricks, Thomas A 1880 Dem Pres Cand; declines offer to be VP nom again
Hendricks, Thomas A 1884 VP on Cleveland's winning ticket; had been a Dem pres cand as well
Hendricks, Thomas A 1885 Gives speech supporting Irish independence, causing some controversy
Hendricks, Thomas A 1885 Dies in office
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