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Favorable or Unfavorable #414: J Lister Hill


Favorable or Unfavorable #414: J Lister Hill  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #414: J Lister Hill

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J Lister Hill (AL-D) is about as progressive a Southern Democrat can get will also being sufficient racist to get elected there. In many ways, he'd be to the left of LBJ, but he probably gained political capital to be progressive by being wholly endorsing of Southern establishment racial policies. 

He should get credit for various healthcare, education, and labor improvements. He also played a big role in creating the UN. 

His actions:

Hill, J Lister 1941 Strongly pro-British advocate for Lend-Lease Act
Hill, J Lister 1942 Influential Senate Expenditures Committee Chair. Served during the bulk of WWII and early post-war
Hill, J Lister 1943 resolution to create a permanent UN
Hill, J Lister 1946 Hill-Burton Act to fund hospitals
Hill, J Lister 1954 Signs the Southern Manifesto, opposed to desegregation
Hill, J Lister 1955 charges Dixon-Yates conflict of interest
Hill, J Lister 1955 Influential Senate Labor Committee Chair. Served 14 years, including during the Great Society
Hill, J Lister 1956 Major role in Library Services Act
Hill, J Lister 1957 Usually Progressive, but votes against Civil Rights Act of 1957 because Southern views on race
Hill, J Lister 1958 Co-sponder National Denfense Education Act
Hill, J Lister 1962 Wins reelection by the slimmest margin as the South begins to migrate towards the GOP
Hill, J Lister 1963 Hill-Harris Act for services for mentally disabled and mentally ill
Hill, J Lister 1964 Opposes the Civil Rights Act of 1964
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