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How electable are you?


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I got:


Your personality profile makes you:

  • 36.5% less electable than Bill Clinton.
  • 21.5% less electable than Donald Trump.
  • 14.1% less electable than Barack Obama.
  • 0.3% less electable than John McCain.
  • 21.8% more electable than Hillary Clinton.
  • 40.6% more electable than Mitt Romney.
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Your personality profile makes you:

  • 47.5% less electable than Bill Clinton.
  • 32.5% less electable than Donald Trump.
  • 25.1% less electable than Barack Obama.
  • 11.3% less electable than John McCain.
  • 10.8% more electable than Hillary Clinton.
  • 29.6% more electable than Mitt Romney.


I think this grossly overstates my chances of being elected

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7 minutes ago, DakotaHale said:

It's probably my worst personal trait.

Everybody has a little bit of narcissism, whether they care to admit it or not. I'm not entirely sure what the test is considering narcissism. I don't feel inherently superior to anyone as a human being, and never would... but politically speaking I know I can act better than plenty of people in politics right now, for any multitude of reasons. Perhaps that's ironic. 😛 Maybe wanting to be successful in life, whether that be physically, mentally, monetarily, etc. also takes a little narcissism, or at least, arrogance and pride.

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