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Favorable or Unfavorable #416: Gilbert Hitchcock


Favorable or Unfavorable #416: Gilbert Hitchcock  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #416: Gilbert Hitchcock

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Gilbert Hitchcock (NE-D) was something of a unique Democrat. He was neither completely a Wilsonian Liberal or Great Plains progressive as many Democrats were. He was something of a compromise figure for both groups. He was strongly supportive of the League of Nations, but he wanted Wilson to work with the GOP and isolationist-leaning Dems to find something workable. Wilson's huge flaw was that he shut out too many people in foreign affairs. 

His actions:

Hitchcock, Gilbert 1913 slows down banking legislation
Hitchcock, Gilbert 1917 letter to Wilson advising armed neutrality
Hitchcock, Gilbert 1918 Influential Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair. Served the end of WWI
Hitchcock, Gilbert 1919 advises Wilson to compromise on League of Nations
Hitchcock, Gilbert 1919 Senate Democratic Caucus Chairman. Last before the Dem Sen Ldr absorbed the title
Hitchcock, Gilbert 1920 Dem cand for pres
Hitchcock, Gilbert 1928 Dem Pres cand
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