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Fictional world 1900s Rp (names are hard)

Imperator Taco Cat

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Hello everybody, as it's been long enough for me to forget how bad my RPs on the forum went, it's time for a new one. How this will work: you get Action points based on your economy and stability. Every month you can spend Action points to do anything, however you may have to roll higher to do more difficult things. You may put more action points to a thing to decrease the required roll. If you don't have your actions within 24 hours the next time I check it you will skip that turn. The approximate tech level is 1908, but you’ll get some leeway on this. The RP will be co-GM’d by @Foogle, who did most of the work on the map. The Eastern continent has been “borrowed” from Bothnia.


 Following countries playable: 

South Daman- South Daman recently broke away from Daman and after a war forced Daman to become North Daman. South Daman has become the single most industrial region in Palbar and have aligned themself to Anddo in exchange for promises to unite Daman as a Industrial powerhouse. Both North and South Daman have had a significant Communist movement, which could form a third force in their division if left uncontested.

Great Empire of Anddo- Anddo remains the dominant military power in Palbar after pushing around all of their neighbors with superior tech. But with all of their military ventures a coalition was bound to come about. Currently they are being attacked by United Palbar in the south and the Corvins and Vaubeians in the north.

United Palbar- United Palbar is a very stable and influential nation in the south of the peninsula with a recent rebellion from the Palbar Republics. With a large population, military, and industry. Anddo, viewing them as a threat, has attempted a disastrously failed invasion. However with their lacking navy they are in a dire situation as their colonies can take the chance to rebel and the imports that they rely heavily on to feed their population have been cut off with a Güntish blockade.

Güntish Realm- The Güntish realm is the largest maritime power in Palbar with their high industrial prowess. Albeit their land army is lacking and they often rely on help from Anddo for land warfare. Recently they have had a series of succession crises, decimating the countryside. This was resolved with the importation of the King of Cortland, leading to the current Duel-State. They have sided against United Palbar in their war with Anddo, predictably seeing losses on land and victories in water.

Dronglese Empire- The Dorngleese Empire is a small nation in west Palbar. It has a fairly small population however its recent military victories against the Tsardom of Raben and its historical dominance over the region allow it to remain an “Empire”. Even if its Empire status is vestigial it remains a well-industrialized and technologically advanced country. 

Kingdom of Vanube- The Kingdom of Vanube has had a long rivalry with the Corvins, though recently with the common enemy of Anddo they have started to become closer. However the people still resent each other, meaning the peace deal is sure to be controversial. A recent rebellion has occurred in the very religious colony of Ilton, in the Skappian island chain. Vaube prefers industrialization over agriculture, with a large military, navy, and population.

Livlon Republic (the North one)- The Livlon Republic recently seceded from Livion due to ethnic and cultural tensions. The Livloner military refused to put down their rebellion, making it a bloodless victory. After independence was ratified mass immigration started allowing Livlon to grow as a nation. Most of the people support reunification but Livion refuses though without the backing of Anddo. 

Grand Tsardom of Raben- The Grand Tsardom of Raben used to stand above all other countries, as a well populated country with efficient agriculture, being the first to mechanize it. However a series of incompetent Tsars have failed to maintain control over the southern and eastern realms. Currently the Tsar is leading a campaign to form an industrial base, lets see if “the sick man of Palbar” can be cured.

Corvian Republic- The Corvian Republic has had a long rivalry with the Vanubians, though recently with the common enemy of Anddo, they have started to become closer. However the peace deal is sure to be controversial, that is if they remain on the same side. With massive agriculture, population, and army size the Corvins make themself a good trading partner. However they lack industry and army tech with their navy being destroyed by the Vanubians.

Grand Duchy of Livion (the South one)- The Grand Duchy of Livion used to span the whole North-West of the peninsula but their aggressive conquests were opposed by an increasingly pacifistic population, leading to mass mutinies. They still compete with other Palbarian powers with their good tech and agriculture. 

North Daman- North Daman is the remnants of united Daman as the south broke away from their industrial dreams being pushed away. The King held a vote for a reunification of the Damans, this passed leading to all out war with many atrocities from both sides. South Daman won the war, forcing North Daman to be officially renamed. Both North and South Daman have had a significant Communist movement, which could form a third force in their division if left uncontested. The current Prime-Minister was elected on a platform of negotiated re-unification, but has so far made little progress.


Full world map+close up on colonies: BRAKv13TfW60iIg_XCgZLAJto3HPKbjL_lkiN_uL2OLQiHAVheQYWcXwmffqH7dE12JrKAAhe-t-bjVaD2NB150vvag7QtHeEtUa3xAQQ-Cv_rw5LaCLCRlnPZZDXDP9zrsLwq_IvuKcpjgxzgCbyZ4WnK8_TeI_kvmx9SXH1gK5TXAMHz7FRmiLYHjbnvvpPB_h-fnHMi2oFOwXhKhqXBlIU8-3dbP4nVDZU7HflmBQ8HJIVSLpi0dzEjVAdowyvqQuGrV7GO1zrjOsrSf9xCmgyiKR24VrWq5ylqSdrYKn3cWVzO2f5UUuo3A1acgBNlBukZOehTLMStVeNB1crE8sNoVKTr68vuq7f8DZlUfD_f7J2naeFQjbvHvCNS1Ctra5gzeZx35z-DEc2E27CkvOk80CHTwK9Ox5p6Px4DvxiJVjOj5Rg59xYO3pJ2SZ4b_xQ


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Posted (edited)
26 minutes ago, Foogle said:

North Daman shall   be mine?

 Additionally due to the low number of signups every quarter (3 turns) Industrial nations will have an economic roll and stats posted, agricultural will have the same every harvest, and limited information quarterly. Mixed economies have both rolls, but they will have less effect when positive, they also get all info quarterly.

Starting stats (really for the of the 0 people reading this, you already have access to all this as a GM):

  APs Agriculture Army size Army tech Industry Population Natural recourses Diplomacy Player
Kotok 100 (not OP I swear)


10 0 3 10 We'll get to that Exploitative Treaties @Imperator Taco Cat
United Palbar 9 2 6 9 9 7 Ditto War with Anddo @Imperator Taco Cat
North Daman 4 9 5 4 1 8 Ditto   @Foogle
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Kotok actions:

The Emperor of Kotok will devote a large portion of the country's wealth to the construction of a railway across the largest continent, from the straits in the east to the bay in the west. Many peasants will be forced to work for no pay and have their land taken for the project.(50 action points) He will try to shop the idea to various western powers with promises that it’s completion will lead to more cheap copper (feel free to come up with some natural resources for your country, as long as you keep it balanced) and much more once the center is better explored, along with the treaty ports being extended another 100 years (not close to running out or anything, just an offering of more time).(25 ) 

Offer to exchange technologies with North Daman (@Foogle) for priority in Kotoks exports, which as previously mentioned are mainly copper but Kotok has the larger industrial base of the two.(25)

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