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Favorable or Unfavorable #419: Garret Hobart


Favorable or Unfavorable #419: Garret Hobart  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #419: Garret Hobart

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VP Garret Hobart (NJ-R) could also be called "McKinley's backbone" because advised the notably indecisive McKinley while serving as VP. This is partially in reference to Teddy Roosevelt, then Asst Sec of the Navy, who thought McKinley had the "backbone of a chocolate eclair."  

Hobart was almost politically identical to McKinley. 

Not captured in the actions below is that, unlike many VPs, Hobart was regularly attending the US Senate. He had done the same things as president of the NJ Senate, the only significant public office he held before being VP. Hobart was more of a board director and influencer type. It would be like a state-level George Soros being picked for VP. 

Hobart's health rapidly declined in 1899. His death allowed Th Roosevelt's ascent. 

His actions:

Hobart, Garret 1896 VP on McKinley's winning ticket
Hobart, Garret 1897 Unusual for a VP during this time, becomes a close advisor to the president
Hobart, Garret 1897 Declines to resign from the board of corporations of which he is a stockholder upon becoming VP
Hobart, Garret 1898 Convinced indecisive McKinley to sign declaration of war because of strong Senate support
Hobart, Garret 1898 Crucial role in lobbying to get Sp-Am Treaty ratified
Hobart, Garret 1899 Sent by McKinley to compel Alger to resign as Sec of War
Hobart, Garret 1899 Dies in office
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