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Favorable or Unfavorable #420: Larry Hogan


Favorable or Unfavorable #420: Larry Hogan  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #420: Larry Hogan

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Larry Hogan (MD-R) is one of the more notable Never Trump Republicans and a highly popular governor (77% approval) despite presiding over a Blue state. His father was a US Rep for MD. 

His actions:

Hogan, Larry 2016 Backs Christie for president in primary; refuses to vote for Trump in general, writing in father fmr Rep. Hogan
Hogan, Larry 2017 GOP Gov opposed to Trump ending Obama-Era DACA program for immigrants
Hogan, Larry 2019 GOP Gov supports impeachment inquiry into Pres Trump
Hogan, Larry 2020 Considers challenging Trump for GOP nom, but declines
Hogan, Larry 2020 Refuses to vote for Trump or Biden, writing in late Ronald Reagan for pres
Hogan, Larry 2020 Becomes National co-chair of new No Labels org, a centrist political organization
Hogan, Larry 2021 Proposes that Trump resign or be removed from office after the Jan 6th Insurrection
Hogan, Larry 2021 Orders the MD national guard to protect Biden at the Inauguration
Hogan, Larry 2024 Declines pressure to run for President; considers 3rd party bid, possibly under No Labels
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