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Favorable or Unfavorable #421: Eric Holder


Favorable or Unfavorable #421: Eric Holder  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #421: Eric Holder

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Eric Holder (DC-D) is most well-known as Obama's 1st Att Gen. He had a long lower-level federal service in administrative roles and as a federal judge. Surprisingly, the president that gave Holder his first federal role was Pres. Reagan. 

His actions:

Holder, Eric 2001 Briefly acting Att Gen under Bush as Ashcroft confirmation drags on
Holder, Eric 2008 Plays major role in Obama's campaign--chief legal advisor and on VP selection committee
Holder, Eric 2009 Confirmed Att Gen for Obama; 1st African American Att Gen
Holder, Eric 2012 Held in Contempt of Congress during Fast and Furious scandal; however, he is cleared of charges
Holder, Eric 2013 Refuses to prosecute financial institutions despite some bipartisan pressure to do so
Holder, Eric 2013 Faces impeachment resolution by Rep. Pete Olson, but it doesn't go anywhere
Holder, Eric 2016 Leads new anti-gerrymandering/redistricting org
Holder, Eric 2016 Considered by Obama for replacing Scalia on SC
Holder, Eric 2020 Declines to run for president after initially considering it
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