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Favorable or Unfavorable #422: Fritz Hollings


Favorable or Unfavorable #422: Fritz Hollings  

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Friz Hollings (SC-D) is one of the last old-school Southern Dems, although he clearly made an attempt to evolve, if you see his 1988 action. Initially, he followed along with his state's racism in voting against the fair-minded, eminently qualified (and fellow Dem) Thurgood Marshall, but then, possibly because he was reliant on black votes for reelection in by 1988, supported Jesse Jackson for president.

His actions:

Hollings, Fritz 1957 Takes office as Gov of SC days after 37th birthday
Hollings, Fritz 1967 Votes against fellow Dem Thurgood Marshall's nom to the SC, likely because Marshall is black
Hollings, Fritz 1974? Opposes Ford's request to end price controls on domestic oil
Hollings, Fritz 1977 One of 5 Dems to oppose Carter's nom of Marshall as Sec of Labor
Hollings, Fritz 1981 Introduces legislation to restore military draft with some exceptions
Hollings, Fritz 1984 candidate for Dem pres nom
Hollings, Fritz 1985 Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act
Hollings, Fritz 1987 only Southern Dem to back Bork for Supreme Court nom
Hollings, Fritz 1988 Despite 1967 vote against Thurgood Marshall, now supports black pres cand Jesse Jackson for pres
Hollings, Fritz 1991 Opposes resolution to go to war with Iraq
Hollings, Fritz 1993 One of only two Dem Sen to vote against Family and Medical Leave Act
Hollings, Fritz 2003 Introduces bill to require 1-year of military service for all 18-26 year olds, with a few exceptions
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