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Favorable or Unfavorable #423: Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr


Favorable or Unfavorable #423: Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #423: Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr

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OW Holmes Jr of MA might be the most influential associate justice of the SC, with Brandeis possibly being his only rival for that. His father OW Holmes Sr was a famous poet in the 19th century--one of the Fireside Poets that just about any literate person--especially in the North--read out loud with their families by the fireplace. Basically no one reads them anymore because most of the poems are like outdate Hallmark Cards, containing almost no risk or strangeness to make them interesting.

His actions:

Holmes Jr, Oliver Wendell 1863 Promoted to Brevet Colonel.during the CW at age 22
Holmes Jr, Oliver Wendell 1881 Authors The Common Law, a book composed of his influenctial lectures
Holmes Jr, Oliver Wendell 1899 Appt ChJ of MA SC
Holmes Jr, Oliver Wendell 1902 Confirmed to SC for Roosevelt
Holmes Jr, Oliver Wendell 1919 Coins the "clear and present danger" restriction to free speech in Schenck v US opinion
Holmes Jr, Oliver Wendell 1919 Dissent in Abrams v. US ruling
Holmes Jr, Oliver Wendell 1905 Famous dissent in anti-labor Lochner v. NY ruling
Holmes Jr, Oliver Wendell 1932 Resigns from SC due to advanced age of 90; oldest SC Justice in US history
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